Event Overview

“Trading” is often quoted and the concept is understood but the actual mechanics of what constitutes a trade/trading is often very misunderstood! Each and every trade, regardless of asset class, follows a specific life cycle and truly understanding why/how and the mechanics of trading can be a significant differentiator when applying for roles.

This session with Jack will cover:

• What a trade is
• The different types of trades
• Trading Execution
• Idea generation
• Real order books for trading

Leader Overview

Throughout my studies, I always benefited from learning from industry professionals, as well as through my university lecturers. My passion to teach stems from wanting to help students navigate the confusing world of finance and hopefully not make some of the mistakes I made along the way!

Leader Experience

• Multi-Hedge Fund Equities Trader
• Ex-BlackRock Equities Trader
• The London School of Economics

Event Details

  • Sunday 3rd October
  • 11 am BST
  • Online (Pro Members Only)

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