J.P. Morgan Commercial Banking

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Recent Performance [3]

2006 2016 2017
New relationships (gross) NA 911 1,062
Gross Investment Banking revenue ($B) 0.7 2.3 2.3
Average loans ($B) 53.6 179.4 198.1
Average deposits ($B) 73.6 174.4 177
Multifamily lending #28 #1 #1

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In 2017 JP Morgan launched a new digital platform, Chase Connect which aims to meet the needs of small to midsized companies. The platform integrates account information, payables and receivables, allowing clients to manage them all from one location. JP Morgan launched this platform as their clients told them this was a business area which they particularly struggled with. JP Morgan has indicated that it will continue to improve the capabilities of this platform. It has recently invested in Bills.com, the largest digital business to business payments network in the U.S. and is integrating this business’s technology into its Chase Connect platform. This will allow clients to more easily send and receive invoices and payments . This improvement in JP Morgan’s digital capabilities should give it a competitive advantage over its rivals in the coming years. The fact that we are in the late stages of the real estate cycle could pose a risk to JP Morgan’s commercial real estate business. However, it manged to grow its CRE loan portfolio by $12 billion in 2017 and believes it will be able to continue to do this in the future. JP Morgan thinks its strategy of maintaining a conservative approach to lending and only focusing on the loans and markets they know well will insulate them from the effects of a downturn in real estate [7].