Event Overview

How do you value Coca-Cola? One technique is to see how it compares to its closest competitor, PepsiCo. This is called Comparable Companies Analysis, or “comps”. In this session, Marc deep dives into this core skill needed by all investment bankers in valuing companies for investment banking and investing.

This Session With Marc Will Cover:

• What are comps
• Why use comps
• Types of multiples used
• Advantages and disadvantages
• Real-world examples

Leader Overview

After spending a few years on Wall Street Marc pursued an M.B.A. in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago.  Upon graduation he embarked upon his 16 year career as a trader and portfolio manager focusing on international equities. He spent his first 4 years at Morgan Stanley in London prior to moving to Asia. His stint in Asia was split between 4 years in Hong Kong with Morgan Stanley before moving to Singapore for the final 8 years, employed by hedge funds and local Asian financial institutions.

Leader Experience

• Ex-Hedge Fund Equities Trader
• Ex-Morgan Stanley Trader
• MBA from the University of Chicago

Event Details

  • Saturday 2nd October
  • 3 pm BST
  • Online (Pro Members Only)

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