Here at Finance Focused, our platform aims to prepare future finance professionals, today. We are striving to achieve this by improving the commercial awareness of these individuals and their understanding of key financial concepts. We are always looking to recruit individuals ready to make an impact on our global mission!

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Finance Focused is a global platform which aims to prepare the future generation of finance professionals. If you are someone who has benefited from our content, looking to build their global network or wanting to become a part of our growing organisation; we’d love to invite you to apply to join us at Finance Focused!



For this role, you will either lead or be a part of a team that works closely with our Fundamentals writers to craft an article series to teach and guide the average person to become a retail investor. Our desire is to provide each and every individual with the tools to be able to take control of their investment decisions. Your responsibilities will include producing regular content for thousands of readers.



For this role, you will either lead or be a part of a team that works on building content for the average person to begin learning about personal finance from an economic and fundamental perspective. The goal is to ensure that our readers are aware of, and understand, the various initiatives and benefits designed to increase their personal finances. Your responsibilities will include bringing out regular content for thousands of readers.



As a Newsletter Co-Editor, you will aid in the weekly release of our newsletter. This is a position of significant responsibility and requires someone with great time management skills as we have over 3,000+ newsletter subscribers.